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The Rising’ Speech For Ireland And The World

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The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.   The Fight for Ireland. The Fight for Life. The fight for our right to an ordinary decent life So Ireland is paying out millions again. Or should I say The government which does not represent this country in any way shape or form. We today remain leaderless. We remain cast adrift in a European sea of greed and corruption. These people talk about ,percentages and Euro Zone and Bailouts and conditions and balancing the banks. They don’t talk about People and hospitals and emigration and employment and survival. If a Government is not for the people then it is merely a vassal for vested dark...

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Trailer for The Spirit of Ireland

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The Spirit of Ireland is an epic new film about all what is beautiful, sad, powerful, poetic, and heroic about Ireland and its people. The film will take the viewer on an epic journey as Emmy Award winning film maker, writer, and actor, Alan Cooke returns to his native country and wanders throughout the land seeking the meaning of our identity. The film will journey through intimate roads, through the lives of the well known faces of actors, writers, and poets. He will also seek out extraordinary stories from ordinary people and their lives. We will see Ireland as we have never imagined her and also as it truly is – a place of beauty, wildness and dark secrets...

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Excerpt From The Spirit of Ireland

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On the beach I watched an old man. His spirit looked white , a kind of a shape around his body like a light. He pulled his car right up to the waters edge. He got out and took his clothes off. His shirt then his trousers. He left them in a bundle by his car. He looked up into the sky. His body was stooped. He had spindly arms. He put his hands on his waist. The sea was liquid. He was past time itself in age. It was an age that showed on his movements and his wheezing when I walked near him by the shore. He walked slowly into the sea. He walked and left his clothes and car behind. He looked like he was never coming back. The ocean took him with ease. Sparrows in a flock...

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