HOME-The Movie



2009 EMMY AWARD WINNER — Best Writing Alan Cooke

Recipient of 2 Emmy Nominations

BEST DOCUMENTARY Dawn Scibilia and Alan Cooke

“With more than one of every three of our residents hailing from foreign lands,

it’s only fitting that a movie about the idea of “home” would be set in the Big Apple.”

- Michael R. Bloomberg, MAYOR

“It makes New York look as fascinating as the most

buoyant immigrant would always have dreamed.” -David Hinckley, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

“A miniature city symphony” -Nicolas Rapold, THE NEW YORK SUN

“This is a beautiful film, a visual poem to the most intimate of ideas “home,”

where the totality of human experiences, like the imperceptibly added layers of a pearl,

combine to create, in this wonderful instance, a gem.” -Filmmaker, Ken Burns

“Beautifully captures the Irish immigrant’s journey through

the myth and mystery of New York” -Filmmaker, Jim Sheridan

“A Heartfelt and lyrical journey about the meaning of home.” -Actor, Gabriel Byrne


Young Dubliner Alan Cooke reflects on recently immigrating to New York City. Exploring such universal themes as nostalgia, the journey and the concept of home, the film includes interviews with immigrants, native New Yorkers, and a host of prominent New Yorkers. David Amram, Armand DiMele, Pete Hamill, Elaine Kaufman, Fran Lebowitz, Frank and Malachy McCourt, Alfred Molina, Mike Myers, Liam Neeson, Drew Nieporent, Rosie Perez, Colin Quinn, and Susan Sarandon all share their great love for the city they call home. Home is a timely film that reaches the heart of the city and its people today.




Home is a dream realized, a collaboration of spirit, of meaning, and of two artists who shared a unique vision.

I met Dawn when New York was still in fear, when New York was still wondering what lied ahead. I, as an immigrant and an artist shared those fears.

Dawn believed in a New York that went further than just the present, she believed in its magic and a place full of possibility. We took our beliefs and hit the streets with just a camera, unsure of the destination but quietly aware of the beauty and humanity the lied on our doorstep.

Home became more than a project, it became a quest for understanding my place in New York , and Dawn’s place in her native city. All of the beautiful images, the wonderful human beings we met and spoke with, shared in different ways, parts of their soul to the camera.

I would sit quietly and write out my heart’s secrets, missing my family, friends, and yearning for my place in this new city of dreams. The film changed both of our lives in many ways since. We realized that the secret to creating is to do, not talk of budgets or walls, but trust in the journey to provide the answers.

Now we have a film which so far has provoked strong emotions with viewers, deep reflections and lingering thoughts long after the last credits rolled.

What is HOME? It is a message for New York , AMERICA , and the world. The message is that New York is full of spirit, full of hope and is moving forward.

The Immigrants dream is alive – HOME Alan Cooke

The project was shot entirely in New York City on digital video in color and B&W in widescreen 1.85:1 aspect ratio.