What people are saying about my writing



Mariel Hemingway- Granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway :

‘ This is a beautiful book reading, your writing is so from another time..’


Mia Farrow Actress:

‘Glorious Writing.. thank you for showing me’


Don Murphy : America

‘ Wonderfully moving and powerful. These sentiments in your books are as true for Dublin as they are for  Dubuque. We are one.’


Micheal Sullivan: America

‘This is beautiful writing, poetic and inspirational as only the Irish seem to be able to do.’


Timothy G Nagle:   America

‘ An Irishman writes for his country, but speaks for all of us. Some of the finest words that I have heard written in my lifetime.’


Jeffrey Strickland: Canada

‘Profound words everyone should hear ‘


Junko Miyamoto : Japan

‘ You words are filled with courage and love for you country. So touching.’


Catherine Conneir : Paris

‘ You work gives me goose-pimples, beautiful words.’


Carmen Burcea : Italy

‘There are times when a writer comes along and takes the world by storm. Wild Irish Poet is one of them. His beautiful poetic words and message of hope resonates with any human being from any background.’